How Flamasil Works

flamasil_02Proper dosage requires ingesting one supplement capsule three times daily, typically with a meal. If a person weighs more than 175 lbs in total, then it’s advisable for the patient to ingest four pills daily instead to get the same effect. The supplement is eaten with water and the gout sufferer should then make sure to continue to drinking water slowly to take in somewhere between three to five ounces every half hour. This allows the body sufficient fluid to move the supplement and flush the kidneys once waste is deposited.


As noted earlier, over 80% of patients directed to Flamasil see positive results with the supplement. Severe side effects have not been reported in any cases. However, depending on a person’s condition and health, as well as their reaction to the supplement mix, results can take longer than others to realize.


Flamasil Ingredients

Ingredients in the Flamasil supplement include yucca, aged garlic, milk thistle extract, Turmeric BCM-95, artichoke extract powder, grape seed extract, pine bark extract, boron citrate, and probiotics. The probiotics involve health bacteria strains that enhance a person’s digestion process and help fend off the growth of bad bacteria internally in the digestion tract. The body stands a much better chance of recovering or preventing many health problems, including gout, if the digestion system is functioning correctly. Since four-fifths of the body’s immunity problems enter the system through digestion, having the right levels of bacteria to nullify these problems is critical in avoiding gout in the future.

The various extracts included in Flamasil help the body target and reduce the painful swelling that occurs in the body’s joints as a result of gout’s effects. Inflammation goes down and gout symptoms stay under control better with a Flamasil regimen.


Anti-Inflammation Agents

While it may sound like a typical pharmaceutical ingredient, Turmeric BCM-95® is regularly used to fend off a number of conditions ranging from cancer to diabetes to osteoporosis. This ingredient also contributes greatly to helping the body as an anti-inflammation agent.

Flamasil offers patients an easy, over-the-counter means to control gout and prevent recurrence of gout-caused symptoms and pain. With a proven track record and no ill effects, patients can finally fend off the pain of gout and get back to having a normal life again absent inflammation and discomfort.